Color Charts, Cubes, Machines & Gizmos

aaa-na's list of color charts, cubes, machines & gizmo's.Let's HOPE you don't need your sunglasses to use these, but ya never know ! LOL


  1. 140 Netscape Color Names
  2. Color Codes By Name
  3. Alans Printable Color Chart
  4. 140 Color Names - 2
  5. 4 Webbers - Easy Color Chart
  6. Alvin & Lisa's
  7. Background Colors
  8. Background Color List
  9. Banner Creator Color List
  10. Black Background Color List
  11. Browser Colors
  12. Browser Safe Colors
  13. Color Chart
  14. Color Chart - Just For You
  15. Color Names - 216 Choices
  16. Color Sampler
  17. Colors Available In HTML 3.0
  18. Color Chart For WebTV Email
  19. Colors For Web Designers
  20. Colors In HTML
  21. Colors Index
  22. Colour Chart For The Web
  23. ColorStrip Chart
  24. Coop's Color Chart
  25. Delilama's Printable Color Chart
  26. Draas' Rainbow Color Chart
  27. Georgen's Color Chart
  28. Hex And Word Color Codes
  29. HTML True Colors List
  30. List Of Colors
  31. MISD Color Codes
  32. HTML Color Table
  33. HYPE'S Color Specifier For Netscape v.3
  34. List Of Colors
  35. Mightyman's
  36. Netscape Color Names
  37. Netscape Colors For WebTV Email
  38. Noneen's Color Chart
  39. Quick Referance Color Chart
  40. RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart
  41. Safe Color
  42. Sortable Color Table
  43. The Slightly More Advanced Color Chart
  44. The White Page - Index
  45. WDVL Color Chart
  46. Zoda's Random Color Table


  1. aaa-na's Color Tester
  2. BigColor
  3. Kira's 216 Color Square
  4. Color Tables
  5. Cyphen + Safe Color
  6. Devilmanozzy's Color Cube
  7. DynaKewb
  8. Annabella's HTML Color Palette
  9. Patricks Colors
  10. The 216 Color Cube
  11. The 6x6x6 Color Cube
  12. The Color Wizard
  13. VisiBone Color Lab
  14. U-L-T-R-A'S 216 Color Cube

Machines & Gizmos

  1. 216 Colors
    Chart with checker and converter.
  2. Background Picker
    Click on a hex # to see what text would look like.
  3. Color Line Tutorial
    Simple instructions to make your own.
  4. Background/Text Tester
    Enter a background URL to test the text color.
  5. ColorHelper
    Adjust and vary colors.
  6. Corolla's Color Changer
    Type in color to view.
  7. Cyphen + Color Tool
    HEX and RGB tool.
  8. Dougies Color Picker
    A compact color list.
  9. Hexadecimal Color Codes
    Access Colors by family
  10. How To Think Hexadecimally
    Make better sense of the hex decimal system.
  11. Colorizer
    Change text to varied colors.
  12. Color And Background Tester
    Another good tool from Maddrabbit.
  13. Color Center
    Set the attributes and save.
  14. ColorMaker
    For backgrounds,links and text.
  15. HTML Background Color Selector
    Fill in the blanks to test colors
  16. Leo's Color Wizard
    Many ways to manipulate color.
  17. Dave's Color Tester
    Loads background automatically to test colors.
  18. HEX Coder
    They dont come simpler or easier to use.
  19. Gradcolor
    Instructions for use.
  20. Gradation Generator
    Set the variables to use.
  21. Greg's WebTV Color Sampler
    Select and cut and paste color code numbers.
  22. JavaScript Background Changer
    Experiment with background colors.
  23. Make Text Effects
    A text effects generator.
  24. Proto (V)
    A nice text gizmo.
  25. The Cool Rule Tool
    Make custom color bars in gradients
  26. The Greatest Color Utility
    One of the easy to use favorites.
  27. Lonster's Color Image Map
    Clickable color map.
  28. Two4U's Color Compose Engine
    Fill in the blanks to see how colors look together
  29. WS Color Clasher
    Enter information and scan for background colors
  30. Zoda's Random ColorCoder
    Sort thru colors by starting this gizmo and
    pause whenyou find the one you want.
  31. ZSPC Super Color Chart
    Click to manipulate and test colors.