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Disclaimer: Results from the recipes or data here are not guarenteed. Information gathered as part of a hobby is offered as interest and
( pardon the pun ) FOOD FOR THOUGHT !!!

According to some sources approximately 15% of adults and 40% of children have some kind of food allergy. The kinds of foods that cause an immediate reation are called " allergic", and there are some also called " food "sensativities " or "intolerance " which tend to cause a less obvious and immediate reaction.

I have collected information related to food and pain. We all know that food is fuel for our bodies, but seldom think about food as a CAUSE for pain. It is thought that there is a direct link between food and MIGRAINE HEADACHES Foods that may contribute to migranes are
Why is this?
Some of these foods cause the blood vessels in the head to dialate which restricts blood flow and causes pain.
To counteract this process, it may be recommended that you omit such foods from your diet or restrict the amount of intake. For instance, no more than two cups of coffee in a day, and no more than one serving of citrus fruit or juice.